Lake Takengon, Sumatra

Lake Takengon, Sumatra

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This Indonesian coffee is from Lake Takengon, a remote town situated in the region of Aceh, deep in the Gayo Highlands of northern Sumatra. It is an area famed for coffee production: the highlands are the largest producing area of Arabica in Indonesia

In the rural areas that lie north-west of the lake is Lampahan, a small coffee producing town that sits between 1300 and 1400 masl. There are 372 smallholder producers in the area.

During harvest season, only ripe, red cherries are picked and processed within 8 hours of picking. It is then pulped and dry fermented for 24-48 hours, before being washed and moved to raised beds where it is dried for 3-5 days, or until moisture content reaches 40%. The coffee is hulled to remove the parchment, and then dried again down to 12% moisture. It is this attention to detail wth picking and processing that sets the Lake Takengon apart, in terms of its resulting profile when cupped alongside other Sumatrans.

This is a really full bodied coffee and as such we’ve noticed works well when made as an espresso too.

Suitable for - Cafetiere, Filter, Aeropress and Espresso

Notes / Orange, nutmeg, clove, raw honey, sweet tobacco

Producer / Cooperative Members

Region / Lampahan, Bener Meriah, Aceh

Altitude / 1300-1400 masl

Variety / Catimor, Timor Hybrid

Process / Semi-washed

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