La Plata, Colombia - DECAF

La Plata, Colombia - DECAF

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This Colombian Decaf from La Plata is part of a program dedicated to bringing the highest-quality, non- chemical-processed decaf coffees to market.

The decaffeination process used here works by soaking green coffee in a bath of water and a solvent called ethyl acetate, which is naturally derived from fermented sugar, among other natural sources. The solvent bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acid within the coffee, which allows for the extraction of caffeine. The coffee is removed from its bath and steamed at low pressure to ensure no traces of E.A. are left, and the finished product is almost entirely free of any but the most trivial (0.1–0.3%) caffeine content

This coffee was cupped as regular green samples and specifically identified for decaffeination, which happens in-country in Colombia before the coffee goes to export. 

We’re especially proud of this coffee, when selecting it, it was cupped alongside other Colombian caffeinated coffees and came out on top which is why we went for it.

Suitable for / Cafetiere, Filter, Aeropress and Espresso

Notes / Clean with Pleasant Acidity and Malty

Producer / Various smallholder farmers

Region / La Plata, Huila

Altitude / 1200-2000 masl

Variety / Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

Process / Washed, Ethyl Acetate decaffeinated

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